BALTIMORE (WJZ) — He’s an Emmy Award winner and Oscar nominee, and now he’s going to be spending some time in Baltimore.  Woody Harrelson was in Baltimore three years ago to film an HBO movie.  Now, he’s going to be a game changer for a hotel and a family in Fells Point.

Ron Matz reports.

When Woody Harrelson came to Baltimore to film, “Game Change,” he stayed at the Inn at the Black Olive.

Dimitri Spiliadis and his family opened the 12-room boutique hotel three years ago, but when Harrelson heard about the inn’s financial problems the actor stepped in.

“I got a text from Woody. He asked how I was doing because he had stayed in the hotel.  I told him it was not the best day for us.  And he said, ‘Call me.’  I called and he said, ‘What’s wrong?’  He said, ‘I got you. I’ll help you out,'” said Spiliadis.

Harrelson stayed at the Inn at the Black Olive for seven weeks back in 2011. Spiliadis got to know him very well.

“He’s the most humble person you could ever imagine.  When your limousine is a Prius and when you leave your limousine so that you can ride your bike at his level of stardom, that’s a big lesson for all of us,” Spiliadis said.

The rooms at the Inn at the Black Olive are eco-friendly. Harrison is a vegan. Organic foods are the specialty at the inn’s market.

“Woody’s been a mentor. He kind of really pushed me and inspired me in the world of food, to move to new levels of providing food that’s of incredible importance to people, including raw food and vegan food,” said Spiliadis.

The view from the hotel is breathtaking.

“There was no Ritz Carlton, no Harborview, no M&T Bank Stadium, no Harbor East.  It’s an amazing transformation of a city and I’m proud to be from the city,” said Spiliadis.

Baltimore is a city that’s the backdrop for a real Hollywood ending.

“It’s an amazing thing that happened.  I can’t explain it.  I just feel very blessed. I’m still doing what my family intended–serving food and hospitality with my family’s culture and history,” said Spiliadis.

Harrelson is joining Jack Dwyer, chairman of Capital Funding companies in Baltimore, in a 50-50 venture to purchase the inn for $4.5 million.

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