Gary Williams was the head coach at the American, Boston college, Ohio State and finally University of Maryland from 1989 until 2011 where the Terps made back to back final four appearances and won the national championship in 2002. Coach Williams will be inducted into the College Basketball Hall Of Fame this year. Gary joined Ed and Steve to talk about the NCAA Tournament.

Steve asks Gary how he feels¬† about the NLRB ruling in Chicago saying NCAA players are employees. Gary says that this is a direct result of the NCAA not understanding how the scholarships work. He adds that when the players see the program and tv stations making billions and they don’t see a cent, they get upset and this is what happens.

Ed asks Gary if he thinks that someone like Phil Jackson can make a difference for the N.Y. Knicks. Gary thinks so. Phil is so experienced and successful that his impact will surely benefit the Knicks. Gary added that Phil Jacksons coaching background can only add to the Knicks financially and with the players.