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Being able to stop and just be is one of the most challenging things for adults and children alike to do. Resting both our minds and bodies is a critical part to our overall well being and Total Health. Time spent alone with little to no thought allows us to feel our emotions and reveal what is in our spirit and soul. Often referred to as mediation; focusing on just the moment sets us on a journey of discovery and self reflection. While there are many organized forms of meditation one should start by simply sitting or lying down and concentrating on their breathing. This practice is a beginner’s path to more intense formal meditation processes that can be influential in changing thought patterns, inducing happiness and even curing depression and disease.

Try not to be intimidated by the process and be forgiving of yourself. Start with 5 minutes each day. Find a quiet place to be alone and just listen to and feel your breath. Initially you will feel a sense of calm and relief. If you can maintain this state then by all means, carry forth. Most people who begin this process rest for just a moment and subsequently start thinking. This is what is called mind chatter. The key to controlling mind chatter is to simply recognize the thought and move back to feeling and listening to your breath. Often times when my mind starts its chatter I place a trash can in the corner of my mind and as the thought comes in I visualize moving it to the trash can and disposing of it.

Once you get the hang of complete relaxation, allow images, thoughts and feelings to flow freely. This is typically the point at which your higher self is communicating with you and sending messages from your subconscious mind. Do not try to translate what you see or feel while in a meditative state. Simply continue breathing and recognize what is occurring without judgment. With practice you will be able to deliberately intend what you seek to achieve during mediation. Perhaps there is a question or problem you are seeking an answer for or you would like something to manifest in your life. In any case you must remain dedicated to practice. It can take some time to learn but it can benefit your Total Health in so many ways.

Lisa Roulette, Director Merritt Club Management.

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