Thursday will be the day we’ve been waiting for for about four months…Lots of sun and temperatures around 70.

It did reach the upper 60s Wednesday, but there should be less wind Thursday. Both Thursday and Friday, the coolest spots will be located near the Bay with a wind primarily out of the south and southwest.

There is going to be a front Friday, which will begin to slowly press down from the north and west Friday evening. So, although there will be more in the way of clouds around Friday, it should be almost as warm as Thursday. The shower and thunderstorm activity will be scattered in nature until Friday night. The front will have a wave of low pressure forming along it, which should enhance the shower activity on Friday night. In fact, it may just rain steadily for a couple of hours Friday night.

But the weekend is looking really nice as sunshine returns and temperatures peak in the lower or middle 70s on both Saturday and Sunday. Monday will be outrageously warm, but then some rain is likely Monday night and Tuesday, followed by a significant cooling.