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With warm weather just around the corner many of us will be spending time around the water this summer. Swimming in pools and open water such as, the ocean can be a great way to spend your summer with your children. However the information on unintentional drowning rates in young children is alarming. Children ages 1 to 4 have the highest drowning rates (CDC website). Drowning is the second leading cause of death for children 1-14, with Motor vehicle crashes being the leading cause of unintentional death (CDC). Below are a few reminders to help make your swim season safe for your family.
• Remember to always watch your children while they are in the water. Even if lifeguards are on duty, nothing can replace a parental eye as added coverage.

• Do not consider young children “drown proof” because they have had swimming lessons; young children should always be watched carefully while swimming.

• Do not use floatation devices as a substitute for supervision. Always keep a close eye on non-swimmers.

• Dive only in areas approved for diving. Know the water depth and observe all safety signs.

• Teach your children to swim with a friend or buddy, near a lifeguard.

• Be careful of breath holding games, Shallow water blackout can happen to anyone.

Review with your children the basic safety rules of the facility and how to read water depth markers. Changes in water depth are usually marked with a rope and buoy. Set limits on how deep your child is allowed to go. It is also recommended to have your children take breaks throughout the day so they don’t become exhausted swimming. Lastly teaching your children how to swim and participating in swim lessons can save their life, it’s an investment worth making. Following these water safety tips can help make summer safe and fun.


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