Jay Bilas is a college basketball analyst for ESPN. Jay is a former NCAA Tournament Announcer with CBS Sports and a former four-year starter for the 1982-1986 Duke Blue Devils making it to the 1986 National Championship.

Steve asks Jay what he makes of all of the player departures for the Maryland Terrapins. Jay said he isn’t concerned about transfers because Coach Turgeon has a good recruiting class is coming in. Jay adds that some players transfer for academic reasons and some don’t want to compete at that level but this could actually be a good thing if those players weren’t good in the locker room or court.

Ed asks if Shaq Clear can compete at the NCAA Division 1 level. Jay says that he can and so can the rest of the guys who transferred. Jay adds that if these players would be more productive for the team and not for themselves then they would probably play better but they looked like they only wanted to increase their own stats as opposed help the team win by making sacrifice.


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