We should be allowing for a shower Monday “at any time,” since this doesn’t appear to be one of those cases where the activity will only flare up. In the afternoon as the direct result of daytime heating and convection, cloud cover throughout the day should really curtail the heat — and most temperatures Monday afternoon will be no higher than the lower 80s. For most, this will represent almost five degrees worth of cooling when compared to Sunday’s actual highs.

For Monday night and Tuesday, we need to address there will be a few showers around the area. No, it won’t rain the entire time, and there probably won’t be enough rain to cause torrential downpours or widespread flooding. However, there should still be a southwesterly wind flow, which will provide a “conveyor belt” of moisture, or a continuous influx over the next 36 hours.

So, as you may have already guessed, the word “humid” is going to be a part of our vocabulary this week, especially Tuesday. Although cloud cover will be a limiting factor on Tuesday’s temperatures, it will still manage to reach the 80s in the afternoon. Dew point temperatures should be no lower than the mid-60s, so it will “feel like” it’s in the upper-80s, even if the actual temperature doesn’t quite get there.