LINEBORO, Md. (WJZ) — One child was killed and eight more were injured at their summer camp after trees collapsed at a Carroll County camp Tuesday night.

Christie Ileto has more.

This occurred at River Valley Ranch. Tuesday’s storm and high winds caused the collapse.

Fire crews are still on the scene, investigating what happened. During the severe weather, a large tree fell on several campers, killing one boy.

Fire crews say two other campers may have concussions in relation to this incident. Eight campers have been injured, another killed.

“Something like this has never happened in our history. It was a freak storm that came up. Unfortunately, this is what happened,” the camp director, Jon Bissett, said.

Fire crews say nearly 114 campers were caught outside in the Fort Roller part of the camp when severe wind and rain ripped through the area. As children ran for shelter, danger rained down upon them.

“A tree fell over and injured several children,” said Cpl. John Light. “A total of seven children were injured and we have learned that one was a fatality.”

“Obviously, it’s pretty traumatic for the campers because most of them were there when it happened,” Bisset said. “They’re all safe and doing well.”

If you have a child at the camp, officials are saying you’ll need to pick them up. There is no electricity at the camp.

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