Aaron Nagler, an NFL writer for BleacherReport.com, joins the Scott Garceau Show.

Nagler, who’s covered the NFL for years as a featured columnist, doesn’t see much competition in a particular conference as training camp gets kicked off.

“Who’s going to challenge Denver and New England in the AFC? It’s hard for me to see that,” said Nagler.

Though the AFC may seem flat at first, the NFL never disappoints with providing a surprising contender.

“The Titans are an interesting story. It’s been a forgotten team in many way, but if Jake Locker can get back and play how he was before the injury, they could certainly surprise some people,” Nagler speculated.

As for external NFL storylines, Nagler found the Josh Gordon situation to be a bit unfair in one way particularly when NFL and NFLPA regulations are concerned.

“The NFL has this rule that prevents suspended players from entering the teams’ facilities. To me, that is ridiculous. Use your league for good, not to hinder someone’s progress. Let him be around the guys,” said Nagler.

Gordon’s teammate, rookie quarterback Jonny Manziel, has issues of his own, including the picture of himself which implicated possible drug use.
“All of this stuff will be forgotten when he gets on the field and throws a touchdown,” said Nagler, “But if he throws an interception, he better be ready for the storm.”