WHITEFORD, Md. (WJZ) — A Boy Scout is bitten by a snake at a campsite in Harford County.

Tracey Leong explains what happened.

The 14-year-old camper was bitten Monday evening in the leg by a copperhead snake. While this is a venomous snake, it is considered the mildest of its species and less dangerous.

It’s a rare and unlucky encounter for one Boy Scout.

“He startled the snake, and just like any startled animal, the snake responded as any animal would and bit him on the leg,” said Eric Chase,  Boy Scouts of America, Baltimore Area Council.

It took place in a latrine in the dark of night at Camp Saffran on the Broad Creek Memorial Boy Scout Reservation.

Medical personnel took the camper to a nearby hospital and treated him for what was considered a minor bite.

“Accident. Just happened that way. Right place, right time; wrong place, wrong time I guess is the best thing to say,” Chase said.

While snake bites are rare at the camp, campers are taking precautionary measures by clearing out any high brush near the campsites.

“They are not very common. They’re very secretive. They are a species that is primarily in the forest along stream edges,” said Glenn Therres, DNR associate director.

If you run into a coppperhead, it’s recommended to just walk away because they usually only attack when provoked.

“Copperheads are a cream colored to tan colored snake with dark or brown hour glass patterns on its back,” said Therres.

The snake that bit the camper was located and removed. It was placed in an uninhabited part of the reservation.

The Boy Scout is doing well and is home with his parents in Laurel.

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