With the preseason starting today, Scott and Jeremy talk to Sal Paolantio, from ESPN.

Of course everyone is anxious to see what Gary Kubiak has install for Baltimore. We know one thing is for sure and that is we will see a completely different offense which makes the season opener very exciting. We will for sure see a sneak peak at the preseason game versus the 49ers tonight. It will be very difficult though to change a veteran corporate and install a new offensive system. This new offensive system is something that the Ravens need, at least to see a longer season.

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Some interesting things Kubiak said about Joe Flacco was that he thought Joe was faster on foot, which is good for the new offense. He also said that his arm is very strong and so accurate, despite the numbers this past season. It will be interesting to see what they do tonight.

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Not sure if it is the best thing for the 49ers to have a 6 day cross country trip right before the season, but they are doing it. The Niners do play the 2013 Super Bowl Champs away, which will be interesting to see. The 49ers kind of have a lot going on as well. Linebacker Aldon Smith will probably be suspended and the wide receivers are just not there. One of Baltimore’s old favorites Anquan Boldin is not getting any younger, although it will not be surprising if we see him do some big plays. Colin Kaepernick is also not looking too hot specifically in the red zone. With some other things going on with the Niners they probably will not lead the division. It will most likely be the Seattle Seahawks, a team to beat this season.

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According to Paolantio, the Ravens biggest competition is no other than the Steelers. No matter what either of their records are, it is always an exciting and suspenseful game. The Steelers are ready to see themselves back as contenders this season but the Ravens want it and they have great talent this season. This season the offense is going to evolve. The next month and a half is very crucial for the Ravens. Sal is a pretty big fan of head coach John Harbaugh. Harbaugh is a great coach and really looks for “progression and evolution.”