Michael Felder from Bleach Report gives another update on college football with Scott and Jeremy on 105.7 The fan.

Ohio State, part of the Big 10, lost their quarterback due to an injury, but does that mean the Buckeyes will go downhill. There is nothing to worry about Buckeyes fans because the replacement quarterback will be J.T. Barnett who apparently moves the offense pretty good. This year the Buckeyes have one of the top defenses this year and are better than most of there opponents this year. The only real team that could be a real opponent is Michigan State, although Ohio State does have the players to beat Michigan State. Even with the loss of there first string quarterback, Ohio State should still be nothing less than a top 10, but more of a top 5 team.

With the loss of Johnny Football, Texas A&M should still be able to a competitor this season. They have 13 new players on defense this year and young talent means rookie mistakes, the opportunity is there though. They have a strong freshman, Myles Garrett who is one of the top five strongest kids on that team. They are going to get better going forward. Missouri lost a lot of great player and are trying to put things back together. Missouri could be a struggle team this year.

This year Navy should be a good team this year, besides the opener against Ohio State, they should be able to win ten games this season. Navy’s quarterback, Keenan Reynolds, according to Felder, “has the best reads in college football.” The only question mark about Navy football is there defense. The offense can help and produce a win but will the defense be able to hold opponents? Once they get past there opener, the Buckeyes, and Notre Dame, we should see a great team with a great record this season.


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