I am never one to put much stock in the pre-season, especially with a veteran. The Ravens’ track record would suggest the off-season additions they made should make them better. That said, I am concerned about the defense right now, and how the line and secondary are being ravaged by injuries.

The cornerback situation is most alarming to me, because Webb will mis the entire pre-season and they don’t have a proven #3. Aaron Ross was thought to be a good candidate and he is done for the year. Next up was Chykie Brown, and he has played poorly. Then there’s Asa Jackson, who we don’t really know about because he has been hurt. They are thin at corner, and I haven’t even managed Jimmy Smith’s apparently minor injury.

So that means you need to pressure the QB. Problem is they have lost 2 guys were they counting on for depth with Kapron Lewis-Moore and Brent Urban. They have now had to shuffle players like McPhee and Jackson around, weakening other spots, especially without Cody ready to play.

The Ravens have avoided major injuries to their stars, but this is not the way to go into the season.


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