Here we have this incredibly popular sport, the most successful league in sports this country, that each week, has the most watched events on television. And, who are we watching? A bunch of people that I am not so sure deserve everyone’s attention and adulation.

Let’s take Tuesday for example. Two days before the NFL kickoff, a time that should be about celebration of the sport. And, what happened on this one day. An NFL owner, Jim Irsay, was suspended for 6 games and fined half a million dollars. Basically, a slap on the wrist, not that much more could have been really been done. Irsay admitted driving under the influence of hydrocodone and oxycodone.

These are serious drugs. I know because after my recent surgery, I was on them and the doctor made it completely clear to me that he wouldn’t release me to go back to work until I could drive without being on them. In other words, they are dangerous. Don’t drive on them. So, I didn’t.

What entitles Irsay to put others at risk? What he did is a disgrace.

Same day, NFL suspends Josh Brent for 10 games. All he did was kill another human being under the influence of alcohol. He’ll be playing again.

Same day, Wes Welker suspended 4 games for testing positive for drugs.

Same day, Jim Harbaugh, after saying he won’t tolerate players that commit domestic abuse, has to deal with one of his players arrested for alleged abuse of a pregnant woman.

Now, there are far more good guys and far more law abiding citizens than not in the NFL, but when the NFL wants to be on a pedestal, these kinds of days cannot happen, or at least, we should not tolerate them.


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