By Tracey Leong

BALTIMORE (WJZ)– If you don’t have the test scores to get into college, you’re getting a second shot. As Tracey Leong explains Goucher College in Towson is now allowing students to apply with video.

Goucher College is the first school in the nation to allow students to rely soley on video application. The school’s president hopes this will attract a more diverse student body.

Applying for school in the digital age, applicants can now add videos to boost their own odds. But now Goucher College is making it their main application.

“College is full of tests, but life is not so much and test scores are one way to judge people’s potential but we wanted another way to allow other kinds of people to present their potential,” said Goucher President Jose Bowen.

This new process is the brain-child of school President Jose Bowen who believes tests aren’t always an accurate way to judge a student.

“It’s not just about prior achievement, colleges should be looking for potential, the country should be interested in getting the most out of everyone in the country,” he said.

The goal is to simplify the way you apply to college. All you need is a smartphone, and then speak on camera for two minutes telling the school exactly who you are and what you want from your college experience.

“Part of what we are looking for is how did you tell the story, what did you put first,” said President Bowen.

The school is hoping to attract a wider range of applicants.

“This will definitely appeal to a group of students who feel boxed in or marginalized,” said Christoper Wild from Goucher College Admissions.

WJZ talked to students on campus for their reaction.

“When I was applying to college I was worrying about my application and I was worrying it wasn’t really me on a piece of paper and I think the video is a good idea,” said Goucher student Coleman Walker.

” Kind of express yourself however you are so it might help or it could hurt you,” said student Monique Welch.

Applicants need to also show proof they graduated from high school or are planning to and submit two other forms of scholarship including a graded paper.

Goucher College is also still accepting the traditional applications including test scores and transcripts.

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