Dear Towson Students:

Student safety is a guiding principle in all Towson University matters.  The issue of student safety during tailgating is no exception.  This week, a number of meetings have taken place to seek input and suggestions from our student leaders regarding short-term solutions to the challenges presented on Lot 14 with student tailgating.   There is agreement that the university currently has strong tailgating policies and procedures in place Tailgating Policy and Procedures (TU 06-09.02).  The best way to address our shared concerns is to educate students on responsible tailgating and the tailgating policy, and to enforce current rules.

As we have worked closely with student leaders to create a safe and fun student tailgate experience, we focused on five key concepts:

  • Safety first
  • Know and follow the rules
  • Watch out for your friends
  • Enjoy the game
  • Support our Towson Tigers


Here are the strategies that will be used to promote and support a safe and enjoyable student tailgate experience.

  1. Student cars can enter Lot 14 starting at 4 p.m.  Out of concerns for pedestrian safety, game-day personnel will determine when parking is no longer available.
  2. Additional parking will be available in the Glen and Union garages with direct shuttle buses to the athletic complex.
  3. Additional security and support (S.A.F.E. management) will assist Towson University Police Department with lot management and policy enforcement.
  4. In addition to the tailgating policy, the following rules are in place for the student section of Lot 14:
    1. Open containers may NOT be brought onto the lot (or in the game). Bottled water will be provided for free at the front of Lot 14.
    2. No more than a six-pack per person 21 years old or older (current policy). Students must carry their own beverages. We reserve the right to check backpacks and cars for policy compliance.
    3. You must have a valid ID that confirms your age.
    4. Dogs/pets, except service dogs, are not permitted.
    5. The lot will be closed at the start of the game so that we can honor the true spirit of tailgating: cheering our Towson Tigers on to a WIN!!!


Thank you to everyone who has been involved in these discussions. We look forward to a safe and fun tailgate for our students on Lot 14 and a victory for our team!

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