Lee Sterling, from Paramount Sports, joins The Scott Garceau Show with guest host Femi to talk about College and NFL football for the upcoming weekend. Before any talk of football came up, they had to ask the burning question to Lee, What are your thoughts on World Series?  “I think it’s going to be tough for KC.  I think the Giants experience will possibly payoff here.  Getting on the big stage, the better team wins.” It has been 29 years since the Kansas City Royal won a world series and they have not been in any postseason play since that win.
Moving on to College football the big talk of this weekend is the FSU vs. Notre Dame game.   “Every single weekend people are pulling for Notre Dame to lose.  But this weekend they are pulling for Notre Dame to win, because they don’t like what’s going on with the Jameis Winston situation.   I think the Notre Dame fighting Irish wins this game.”  Brian Kelly is the coach of the Fighting Irish and Sterling says he is an incredible coach and he “looks for them to do some trick plays, do some damage.”
When moving on the NFL, which Sterling says also stands for “not for long,” as to the teams that pull ahead each week, the discussion about the Indianapolis Colts vs. Cincinnati Bengals, of course focuses on how great the Bengals season started out and what they have done since then.  A big factor for the Bengals now is the fact that AJ Green is down and out.  Sterling feels, “I think they’ve lost their mojo, they seem to be playing tentative.”  The Colts play at home this weekend and “they have to deal with Andy luck.”