Hi everyone!

Monday we got up to 61 degrees. Felt good didn’t it? This Tuesday will reach 64, if not milder. It will feel just as nice. HEY, WE ARE ON A RUN!! Then you better run to the closet for that coat because there has been no change in the forecast of cold air.

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Consistency in the forecast is a good thing and that is what we see. I do, though, want to mention the chance of a rain or light snow shower Thursday night. THIS WILL BE NO BIG DEAL. The G.F.S. computer model is suggesting that there will be a weak wave of low pressure forming near our coast. that would be the source of some light moisture that could be the rain/snow shower. Again there should not be enough snow, if any, to yield ANY accumulation.

LETS PUT THE “ARCTIC BLAST” IN OUR AREA IN  PERSPECTIVE, AND TRY TO KEEP THE SOCIAL MEDIA, INTERNET, AND WEATHER HYSTERIA MONGERS AT BAY.  (Ewww all caps, he must mean business.) Here is the forecast for the week’s end and weekend:

Thursday Sunny, calm winds 50/28

Friday  Sunny, calm winds, 46/28

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Saturday Sunny, calm winds, 46/30

Sunday Cloudy, showers 47/34

If I gave you that outlook in late January you would say, “Hey that’s not such bad winter weather.” See my point? It’s all a matter of perspective. This will be the first cold of the “season(s)” but need you go to the grocery store and stock up for disaster……please.

Have a good Veterans Day, and honor a Vet in your mind, prayers, or in person. Pass it on…

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