BALTIMORE (WJZ) — It’s a brutally cold night, and it’s about to get worse. A wind chill advisory is in effect. By Thursday morning, it could feel like ten below.

Tracey Leong reports the bitter cold isn’t just unpleasant, it can be downright dangerous.

Experts are recommending for people to stay home and out of the freezing temperatures. But if you do head out, be prepared.

All across town, cars are being recused from the bitter cold.

“They just don’t perform as well in the cold. It’s harder to start the car when it’s colder outside,” said Richard Reeves, AAA Battery Service.

AAA’s call volume doubles when temperatures drop to near freezing.

“Just bad luck. Got really, really cold and I think my battery didn’t really enjoy that at all,” driver Tom O’Reilly said.

It’s not just cars you need to worry about in this blast of arctic weather.

“It could kill you,” said Dr. Michael Zimring, travel medicine at Mercy Hospital.

Dr. Zimring says it can be a matter of life or death.

“You could get hypothermic, loss of body temperature. It affects the heart, it affects the lungs, it affects almost every system in the body,” he said.

If you do head out into the frigid temperatures, experts say be sure to bundle up. Don’t leave your home without your gloves, jacket or hat.

“I’m layered up pretty good. My hands start to affect me after a little while, but we’re usually out of the truck for about maybe 45 minutes at a time so it’s not too bad,” said Reeves.

For many, it’s a warning they don’t need to be told twice.

When you do step away from the icy air, it’s recommended to gradually heat your body back up.

With this kind of temperature, any type of wet pavement will freeze and there will be black ice.

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