ANNAPOLIS, Md. (WJZ) — A massive blaze broke out inside a mansion in Annapolis. The home is a complete loss but the focus now is on the six people still missing. Many are asking the question—were they inside at the time of the fire or not?

Christie Ileto reports neighbors fear the worst.

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Still smoldering and still searching for six people believed to be inside this 16,000 square foot home when flames devoured the Annapolis mansion early Monday morning.

“Until they’re either located elsewhere or until we locate them inside the house, they’re just going to be considered unaccounted for,” said Captain Russ Davies.

For hours, firefighters worked to tame the blaze.

“We saw a rose reflection on our bedroom ceiling and it was too early for sunrise,” said Manfred Leckszas. “It was not yet in full force; it turned into an inferno.”

The four-alarm fire woke neighbors who watched in dismay.

“There were two bangs—two thuds—and flames shot way up high in the sky, above the treeline and I thought, `Oh my God,'” said Azalea Leckszas.

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Fire crews will stay on the scene overnight to monitor any flareups or hot spots. Meanwhile, they won’t be able to get into the home until Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday to assess what’s left of that home.

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“Things are just too unstable with the dark to do any type of investigation or search,” Davies said.

The home—which neighbors described as “the castle”—belongs to tech exec Don Pyle. Virginia-based ScienceLogic says Pyle was their chief operating officer.

“The biggest thing is to look for a point origin for the fire,” said ATF Special Agent David Cheplack. “They’ll be able to decide whether there was criminal nature to it or a terrible accident.”

While crews work to uncover how the blaze began, the bigger mystery is where is the family who called 936 Child Point Road home.

Because there were no fire hydrants in the area, firefighters had to shuttle water tankers to the home.

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There were only two fatal fires in the county last year.