REISTERSTOWN, Md. (WJZ ) — State agencies are preparing for a potentially messy commute on Tuesday.

Meghan McCorkell has more.

With temperatures below freezing, State Highway officials are warning people to stay off the roads so they can treat possible ice.

As blizzard conditions take over the northeast, Maryland has been dealt a glancing blow.

“The main roads seem fine but the back roads are a little tougher,” said one driver.

In Westminster Monday night, the flakes were falling and quickly stuck to some roads.

“When I first left home, it wasn’t snowing this evening when I went out to get groceries but now it is,” said a driver.

Road crews are working overtime to keep snow and ice off highways.

“So far, in good shape. Looks like they’re out there putting salt down and all that good stuff,” said a driver.

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While a lot of the main roads in Carroll County are looking pretty good, it’s the side streets and parking lots that are getting covered in an icy mess.

“I mean, I was sliding coming in the parking lot just now,” said one.

In Anne Arundel County, the bridge at Rt. 100 was shut down due to freezing—and the roads aren’t the only place the snow is causing problems.

“It says on time; we’ll see,” said one traveler.

At BWI, dozens of flights to the northeast have been canceled, causing passengers to scramble to change their plans.

“We had an 8 o’clock flight tonight out of Providence. It was canceled, so we’re taking this early flight, the 10:35 flight to Providence,” said Giulia Gerardi.

With several feet of snow expected to fall, Amtrak will suspend service between New York and Boston. The New York City subway system is shut down and a travel ban has been issued.

“If you are in your car and you are on any road, you will technically be committing a crime,” said New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Even on Broadway, the show will not go on. The theaters closed as the northeast rides out what could be an historic storm.

While drivers are still keeping an eye on the roads here, most were pretty thankful that we won’t see the snow totals that are coming up north.

We will be on the air starting at 4:30 a.m. Tuesday.


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