By Rick Ritter

TOWSON, Md. (WJZ)– Big changes at a hearing for an Ohio rabbi accused of sexually abusing a Baltimore girl. Bail was reduced dramatically from $5 million to $500,000 for Rabbi Frederick Karp.

Karp was extradited back to Maryland and appeared in front of a judge this afternoon.

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Rick Ritter has new details on the case.

From center stage to behind bars, Rabbi Frederick Karp faces a slew of charges.

At a bail hearing Thursday, Karp said little as prosecutors described the allegations against him saying, “Karp sexually abused the girl when she was 7-years-old, which continued until she was 12.”

The victim has two sisters, who allege they were touched inappropriately by the rabbi as well. Karp’s wife and brother-in-law were both in court,but declined to comment on the allegations.

Ritter: “Mrs. Karp, is there anything you want to say about your husband and the allegations?”

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Mrs Karp: “I can’t say anything.”

Prosecutors say the Rabbi was friends with the victim’s family and the incidents took place at their Baltimore home between 2009 and December of 2014. Detectives interviewed Karp in Cleveland on January 15th. The next day, police went to arrest him and he was gone.

Karp was later arrested at JFK Airport where he was catching a flight to Israel. His attorney argues he wasn’t fleeing the country and the trip was paid for months in advance. Even though bail was reduced dramatically for the rabbi the judge revoked his passport.

“We were worried and concerned he would go to Israel, but now he doesn’t have his passport and he can’t leave Maryland,” said Lisa Dever, Prosecutor, Baltimore County.

A preliminary hearing for Karp will be set within in the next 30 days. His attorney says his family will try and come up with the money to bail him out of jail.

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Karp’s attorney says if he posts bail he will stay with a family member in Gaithersburg.

Rick Ritter