BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Bundle up, Baltimore. Record low temperatures are invading the area. Wind chill advisories and warnings remain in effect as powerful winds drop the wind chill below zero.

Tracey Leong has more on the warning for drivers.

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With temperatures dropping quickly, the big danger is icy road conditions. Officials are recommending to stay home and avoid driving at all costs.

Frigid weather can wreak havoc for drivers.

“It’s awful,” said Carter Bryant.

When temperatures dip well below freezing, it can limit the efficiency of the salt and chemicals on the roadways, not melting the ice and adding another layer of danger.

Howling winds create an even more hazardous roadway.

“I don’t like the wind,” said Sharon Newell.

“With the high winds being what they are today, of course we want the motorists to be extra cautious as they are traveling,” said Kelly Bouleware, Maryland State Highway Administration.

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The State Highway Administration is also warning drivers to be on the lookout for downed trees or power lines.

“If you come up on an intersection where there isn’t a signalized or power to that location, make sure that you’re treating it as a four-way stop,” said Bouleware.

Before you hit the road, be sure your car is winter ready.

“Making sure that your hoses are secure and not worn, making sure you have plenty of windshield wiper fluid and other fluids, coolants, things of that nature,” said Ragina Cooper Averella, AAA Mid-Atlantic.

Reducing your speed is also recommended, since snow, ice and sleet can make it more difficult to be in control.

If you need to head outside, bundle up. The high winds can make it feel a whole lot colder.

“It’s freezing. I did some shoveling this morning and I was just wearing sweatpants and the cold went right through the pants,” said Sam Lange.

If you can, just try to avoid going outside.

“Bundle up, get under the covers, drink coffee,” said Newell.

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BGE reports that 99 percent of power outages have been restored. The big warning: stay home, stay warm.