BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Bracing for a deep freeze. Baltimore is bundling up as we prepare for what could be the coldest air in 20 years.

Christie Ileto has more on the impact the cold is having.

In seconds, a band of snow blew through Baltimore. Drivers struggled to navigate through another white out that ended as quickly as it started.

“I thought `Oh, what happened? There’s white stuff all over the pavement,'” said Dan Dudrow. “I thought we were done with that.”

Done—for now. But the bigger problem is the threat of record-breaking freezing temperatures blasting Maryland for the next 48 hours.

“Ice. Ice is going to be the biggest challenge. Nothing stops ice; I don’t care what you drive,” said a DOT worker.

Temperatures are already below freezing, and for roads that are snow-packed, slushy and slippery, expect there to be a lot of ice.

“We got to control the ice. That’s what we’re doing, giving a light layer of salt,” the DOT worker said.

Burst pipes caused ice to cascade down the side of a Silver Spring High School and forced Ford Theater in DC to close. It also left Baltimore resident Rosalie Gamble without necessities.

“The water pressure went low and now we’re being impacted because we have no water,” she said.

The city is struggling to respond to over 1,000 calls and AAA received over 12,000 calls earlier in the week; falling temperatures mean there will be even more calls.

Danger, headaches and weather woes that will only worsen as temperatures continue to tumble.

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