BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The extended cold is really takings its toll. More than 20 people have died from the cold this winter in Maryland.

Christie Ileto has more on the brutal temperatures.

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Winter’s bitter bite makes standing outside for a bus painful.

“I have two pairs of gloves on and my fingers are still cold,” said Jeremy Chinness.

Chinness and residents across the state grit their teeth through the dangerous cold that’s making headlines.

“It’s really cold. I don’t think it’s ever been this cold that I can remember in Baltimore,” said Cynthia Sanders.

Tumbling temperatures are to blame for 21 deaths so far this year–two this week.

“Limit your time outside as much as possible,” said Baltimore City Health Commissioner Dr. Leana Wen.

But foot patrol officer Burch has to be outside.

Ileto: “Do you normally patrol at this time of night?”

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Burch: “Yes.”

Ileto: “What’s your shift?”

Burch: “I work 4 to 2 in the morning.”

Ileto: “Are you seeing an influx of weather related calls?”

Burch: “We have a lot of concerned citizens on the street who are calling in for the homeless.”

Water mains are becoming a regular headache.

“There’s probably about 25 right at the moment,” said Kurt Kocher, Department of Public Works.

And cars are taking a beating from the inclement weather. State police are even on alert for disabled cars that are stranded.

“We’ve had people unfortunately freeze to death out here on roadways because their assistance didn’t get to them fast enough,” said Sgt. Marc Black, Maryland State Police.

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Statewide, thousands of homes are still in the dark. Others have little to no water.