Major League Baseball is having a Twitter competition to see who is the face of MLB. It’s down to the quarterfinals and the stakes are as high as ever as Baltimore Orioles’ outfielder Adam Jones is up against Cleveland Indians pitcher Corey Kluber. MLB is asking fans to post #CoreyKluber or #AdamJones and tag #FaceOfMLB to vote for their favorite.

The Orioles and Indians are hashing it out on twitter.

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Kluber is currently leading Adam Jones in voting.

The Indians tell the Orioles to just go ahead and deal with it

To which the Orioles responded:

Oh now you’re just fighting dirty, Cleveland.



That does seem odd.

One O’s fan even tried to join the good fight.

But never fear, Birdland has your back!

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Even the Ravens joined the fight.

The Orioles wisely bribed their fans to vote.

As the battle rages on @Orioles is trending in Cleveland and @Indians is trending in Baltimore.

The teams commend one another.

The anticipation was building and when voting closed there was nothing to do but wait.

In the end Adam Jones came out on top and all was right with the universe once again.

Adam got on twitter to thank his fans for all the support.

Even the Baltimore Ravens were celebrating.

They call a truce for now.

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Now on to David Wright and the Mets.