Hi Everyone,

Well it has certainly been interesting this week doing the weather. I have personally made an effort not to say “Hunker down.” I have also made an effort not to describe this cold using four letter words. I have also failed at not using the words “brutal”, “freezing”, “freezer”, “frozen”, “incredible numbers”, “ridiculous conditions” and more. Why? Because they all work, are correct, and accurate. Yep by any standard it’s been intense.

By this afternoon the wind will pretty much calm and we will be dealing with “honest” numbers of 15 today and 4 tonight. BRUTAL!!! Sorry..

We broke a records low last night, and we will break another tonight that goes back to 1885..2 centuries ago. INCREDIBLE!! Sorry..

Tomorrow snow showers will whiten the ground, and even though those snow showers will change to rain.  I am VERY concerned that initially there could be some freezing rain. BE CAREFUL Sunday morning.

I am still trying to decide if I would rather have a foot of snow and 29,  or no snow and this cold. In a way that thought is Ridiculous!!!. Sorry…




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