BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The state is wrapping up a week-long bridge inspection project after falling debris struck several cars. One of those drivers spoke with WJZ.

Gigi Barnett explains the state has many well-traveled bridges deemed structurally deficient.

Nearly 100 of the state’s well-traveled bridges underwent a strict inspection this weekend. It came after debris fell from an overpass in Prince George’s County–and then a second time near I-895 on West Patapsco Avenue.

Edward Morris was behind the wheel of his brand new SUV.

“I heard a big thump hit my Jeep,” Morris said.

He got out and saw damage from a chunk of concrete that fell from the overpass. Now he has a $3,500 bill and fears for his family when driving under bridges.

“I went under overpasses today and I just kept looking up, making sure nothing was falling from the sky,” he said.

So the state launched an immediate inspection last week. Of Maryland’s 5,300 bridges, 2,900 are maintained by the state and 82 are structurally deficient, meaning they’re on a watchlist for repairs.

“That’s outrageous for me,” said Stephen Gensemer.

Gensemer is an attorney representing Katherine Dean, a Prince George’s County grandmother whose car was damaged by falling concrete. He says the problem is only going to get worse.

So far, the state has inspected 69 of its structurally deficient bridges and issued an apology to Dean.

The state has one more inspection to go before it’s finished. Engineers will take a look at I-95 over Route 5 Sunday.