BALTIMORE (WJZ)–Big improvements are being made to the Baltimore County Animal Shelter. Animal rights advocates are pleased, but they’re pushing for even more changes in the future.

As Jessica Kartalija reports, animal advocates say they are pleased that the county government is re-building the Baldwin-based shelter, but they say–it addresses only a few of their concerns.

Animal advocates have been pushing for major changes to the way the Baltimore County Animal Shelter operates, saying volunteers are often shut out and the euthanasia rates are too high–at 60%.

They even made a video showing animals they thought should have been saved. Now, the county is making some changes.

“Hiring a full time volunteer coordinator as well as a full time foster care coordinator,” said Kevin Kamenetz, Baltimore County Executive.

They’re also building a new $6.5-million shelter on the sight of the old one, scheduled to open in August.

“We are also going to add additional spay and neuter services in satellite locations on the east side of the county as well as on the west side of the county to make it more convenient for pet owners,” Kamenetz said.

Animal rights advocates say it’s a step in the right direction, but they’d like to see even more changes come in the future.

“We hope that if they are going to set up pop up shelters for spay and neutering that they are going to use them for education centers educate the community that the shelter exists,” said Nicole Larin, Reform Baltimore County Animal Services.

Advocates want pictures of lost pets posted online, and these satellite centers to include adoption services.

“This is our shelter we want to be proud of it, we’d like it to provide services for the community and we want to know that if we lose an animal that animal is going to be cared for in the county’s custody,” said Larin

Baltimore County’s Animal Shelter is government run, while Baltimore City’s is run by a nonprofit. Despite attempts no outside groups have wanted to take over management at the Baltimore County facility.


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