BALTIMORE (WJZ) — It’s been six months since two Montgomery County toddlers were last seen alive. Their mother’s in jail–giving police no true information.

As Marcus Washington reports, tonight the children’s family brings light to the disappearance of the toddlers and others.

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Their little faces have been engraved in the minds of many after going missing six months ago.

“In the blink of an eye, all of our lives have changed and we live with this every day.”

Early September was the last time anyone saw 3-year-old Sarah and 2-year-old Jacob–with their mother Catherine Hoggle.

“My job as a father, my number one job, is to take care of my kids and apparently I made choices that didn’t allow me to do that.”

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Within six months, there have been countless hours of investigating and searches. Their mother–diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia was arrested, giving police little information to help find her missing children.

On Saturday night, the toddlers’ cousin Aynia Dorsey, while embarking on a special moment in her life– highlights that fact that Sarah and Jacob are still missing.

“You don’t necessarily think it will happen to your family and when it does, it’s very shocking,” said Aynia Dorsey, the toddler’s cousin.

The newly crowned Miss Black Pennsylvania U.S. Ambassador is using her platform to educate about missing and exploited children–an issue affecting more than just her family.

Going into schools and telling them that stranger danger is not always the case, it can be someone you know, someone you trust and as a child, it’s okay to tell someone else another trusted adult you have,” Dorsey said,

In hopes that someone hearing about her platform will help bring Sarah, Jacob and many other missing children home.

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Catherine Hoggle remains in a psychiatric cell in Jessup, insisting that her children are still alive.