ELKTON, Md. (WJZ) — A pursuit, a crash and a fatal shooting. The chaotic scene unfolds on a rural road in Cecil County after an attempted traffic stop quickly turns deadly.

Christie Ileto speaks with the driver’s family, who says he didn’t deserve to die.

Police have identified the suspect as Terry Garnett Jr. The driver refused to stop when officers tried to pull him over. His family tells WJZ regardless of what happened, he didn’t deserve to be shot multiple times.

Chaos unfolds on a quiet neighborhood street moments after a brief police pursuit. Evidence markers outline where police say Wednesday’s traffic stop turned deadly.

“His daughter called us and let us know that the police was chasing him and they ended up shooting him,” said Sheila Garnett, suspect’s stepmother.

Police say the suspect is 37-year-old Terry Garnett Jr.

“Sheriff deputy attempted to make a stop on a vehicle–the Mercury Mountaineer–the vehicle refused to stop,” said Sgt. Marc Black, Maryland State Police.

Police say the suspect was driving on Route 213 when a sheriff’s deputy tried to pull him over. He pulled into Lewis Shore Road, but when he turned around–that’s when the traffic stop turned deadly.

“Accelerating. Came back in a direction of the deputy. The deputy took his firearm out and discharged multiple rounds,” said Sgt. Black.

The SUV Garnett was driving hit a tree. He died at the scene.

“You don’t have to shoot nobody four times to stop them when they’re still in the car,” said Terry Garnett, suspect’s father.

Garnett’s family tries to make sense of the scene.

Police haven’t confirmed how many shots were fired and wouldn’t disclose why Garnett was being pulled over.

“I have lost a good son. And I’m not condoning what he does or what he did, but still, he don’t deserve to get shot like that,” his father said.

More answers than questions for an investigation that’s just starting.

The deputy involved has been placed on administrative leave.