BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Violent erupts at Morgan State University, and the campus has had it. A knife-wielding suspect stabs three student athletes outside the dining hall.

One of them is still in the hospital right now with serious injuries.

Christie Ileto has the latest on the investigation.

That victim was stabbed in the chest. The other two football players: in the arm and in the back.

A flurry of emergency calls moments after a violent altercation at Morgan State University.

Three football players were stabbed in broad daylight on a crowded campus courtyard.

“A smaller person pulled out the knife and just started swinging it,” said Matthew Oghogho.

“I heard a lot of people screaming, heard somebody say he’s bleeding,” said Isaiah George.

“His friends tried to help him because they saw him get stabbed. And then, next thing you know, he stabbed both of them, too,” said Adrian Praither.

Detectives believe the attack stems from a dispute between two groups of students.

“This incident may have spilled over from the incident that occurred after a dance,” said Clint Coleman, Morgan State University spokesman.

Over the weekend, police broke up fights at that campus event. Now one suspect–a student–is in custody.

The campus violence forced an impromptu but private community meeting, where students questioned why no alert was sent out and how campus safety could be improved.

Tuesday’s stabbing is the second one in the last week, and the third time police have responded to a violent incident on campus.

“Somebody actually got stabbed in this building a couple of days ago,” said Oghogho.

A student was stabbed by his roommate following an argument over cleanliness.

And in 2012, in the very same area of campus, a linebacker was shot.

Ileto: “Is Morgan State safe?”

Coleman: “Of course Morgan State is safe. But young people very often make bad decisions, and that’s what this is.”

Morgan State University President David Wilson released this statement:

“I want to assure the University community that we here at Morgan take the safety of the entire University quite seriously, and as such, the behaviors that we have seen from a few of our students over the past several days will simply not be tolerated.  The University will apply severe disciplinary action to all students who engage in such egregious, horrendous and utterly unacceptable behaviors like the ones we’ve seen over the last few days. This is not Morgan! While we understand that occasional conflicts may arise between individuals within a larger community, those conflicts are to be dealt with in an appropriate manner.”

Police ask anyone with information about the stabbing to call them at 410-396-2444.

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