It never fails. March Madness is the best time of the year to be wrong. You look at the brackets when they come out Sunday and you think you know. Not only do you think you know they’ll be upsets, but you think you know where they’re coming from. That’s why they’re upsets, because you can’t predict them.

In the first two games I’m watching Iowa State struggle against a very feisty UAB team and I could have sworn I saw Jamaal Tinsley on the floor. Yes, this has happened to the Cyclones in the past when they were the number two seed in 2001. That year Iowa State was upset by the number 15 seed Hampton Pirates of the MEAC. The Cyclones had no answer for Tarvis Williams in 2001 and no answer for Robert Brown in 2015 as he went off for 21 points to assist the Blazers in the upset of the number three seed team.

The other number three seed to get upset on Thursday was Baylor. The Bears went into that game sporting a 24-9 record against the Georgia State Panthers who were 24-9 coming out of the Sun Belt Conference. While former Louisville guard Kevin Ware got all of the attention going into this one, the Panthers were led by R.J. Hunter who played all 40 minutes, chipping in 16 to help Georgia State get the upset.

This is what the “Madness” is all about. My bracket isn’t worth the cost of the paper is was printed on now, but that’s when the tournament is at it’s best.