BALTIMORE (WJZ) — In a popular downtown neighborhood, it’s war between homeowners and the bars. The Irish Stroll bar crawl brought thousands into Federal Hill, but some neighbors say the drinkers trashed their community.

Meghan McCorkell explains how residents are taking action to stop it.

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The Irish Stroll brings in big business for local bars, but some neighbors say the event has gotten too big and too wild for the community.

It’s billed as Baltimore’s largest St. Paddy’s Day celebration, but some neighbors say the Federal Hill Irish Stroll has gotten out of control.

“There’s a line, and the line’s been crossed,” said Betsy Homer.

Federal Hill is used to seeing big crowds, like the one that spilled onto the streets after the Ravens’ Super Bowl win. But some neighbors say, for an organized event, the stroll’s gotten dangerous.

“People are getting carted away in ambulances. People are throwing up everywhere. They’re peeing all over everything,” said Homer.

Now Homer and 19 others are petitioning the liquor board to revoke the liquor licenses of the 17 bars involved unless they stop the stroll.

Councilman Eric Costello says it’s a hard balance to strike.

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“These types of events end up being a headache. And again, we’re left searching for some type of legislative solution. And to date, no one has found that,” he said.

Neighbors who spoke with WJZ had mixed reactions about whether the stroll should continue.

“You don’t want someone to mess up your house or the neighborhood or just be a total jerk,” one man said.

“I love it. I think it brings money to the businesses, and we want to keep it going,” said Chelsea Garzione.

But Henry Reisinger of Fenwick’s Choice Meats says if you don’t own a bar, the stroll hurts business.

“It hurts all of us. Everybody gets affected by it. You want them to make money, it is their business, but it shouldn’t be at the extent of all of us suffering because of it,” said Reisinger.

Now the decision is in the hands of the liquor board, which will take up the matter on April 23.

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The mayor’s office tells WJZ they work to accommodate the needs and concerns of surrounding communities when issuing permits for these events.