By Rick Ritter

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — State highway police investigate a wild scene on Interstate 95 that looks like a bad case of road rage. Police are trying to figure out how things got so heated.

Rick Ritter speaks with the man who recorded it all on his cell phone.

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The MDTA is now investigating what they say appears to be an isolated case of road rage. The video has gone viral, raising eyebrows across the country.

Chaos on Interstate 95. Bizarre video shows the intense moments of an apparent case of road rage. It all unfolded Sunday when two drivers pulled over along southbound I-95.

Tommy Solis, who recorded the video, says it started when one vehicle cut the other off.

“He punched him through the window. So then, he proceeds to open up his door and pulls him out,” he said. “And he hits him again and then he falls.”

The driver of the sports car appears to continuously hit the older truck driver.

Driving by, Solis and his friend capture it on their phone. You can see the two get out of their car. Solis says their intentions were to break up the fight.

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“He was just a poor old man. He was just defenseless, you could see it in his face,” said Solid.

But the two find themselves at the center of the incident, punching the driver of the sports car, sending him to the ground.

Deadly confrontation between strangers on the roadways continues to rise. Traffic officials say more than 200 people were murdered over a seven-year period.

In a WJZ special report, Vic Carter spoke with a man who was forced off the road and approached by two men, later pulling the trigger just to defend himself.

“Does it really benefit you to want to jump out on somebody because they cut you off, pull up beside someone because they’re driving too slow?” said Joseph Walker, road rage victim.

The MDTA says they were never called to the scene. Solis says the family of the tractor trailer driver called him to thank him for coming to his aid.

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Police are now checking specifically to see whether any assault charges should be filed.

Rick Ritter