WASHINGTON (WJZ) — Controversy at nearby Catholic University in Washington, D.C. Some students say they should be able to carry guns on campus, others are not so sure.

Amy Yensi has more on both sides of the issue.

The student government wants the option to carry extra protection along with their books, but not everyone on campus is falling in line.

It may never happen, but some students at Catholic University say they have every right to protect themselves while on campus.

The Student Association General Assembly voted 16 to 11 in support of allowing firearms on school grounds.

Their response to recent mass shootings on other campuses.

“Everyone is in a heightened state of controversy,” said Katie Bogdan, student.

Students are currently not allowed to bring guns on campus, but that isn’t keeping them from talking about it.

The school administration has the final say and isn’t budging on its gun ban, even campus security is unarmed.

Katie Bogdan says the proposal is polarizing.

“The student body as a whole did not know about this until the decision was made,” she said.

The deadly shooting of 32 people at Virginia Tech in 2007 and the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, where 20 children and six adults were executed in 2013, are causing students to consider other options.

“I’ll agree on the point of having security guards be armed on campus rather than students,” said Kyle Phanord, student.

The university administration telling our media partner, The Baltimore Sun, it doesn’t plan to change the code of student conduct to allow firearms on campus.

But the parent of a prospective student says they should at least consider it.

“With the Second Amendment, it should be considered. And if the right security practices are put in place, perhaps it could be allowed,” said Paul Eells, parent.

Because campus police are not armed, the school works closely with the city police department.

Though not allowed on campus, carrying a legally purchased firearm is legal in the District of Columbia.


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