Louis Anemone is the former Chief of Department for the New York Police Department.

Chief Anemone joined The Fan’s Ed and Steve to talk about the riots and Baltimore and strategies to stop the situations.

Chief Anemone started off by talking about the Baltimore police show of restraint and standoffish style of policing and how it works in riot situations saying “I think you saw the result of how that type of an approach works last night and Saturday evening, it’s just not proper police procedure when you’re handling a mob.” As for what he would advise officers to do if he was in charge in Baltimore Chief Anemone said “its got to be direct police action and you have to remember the principles of handling a mob which are isolate, contain, disperse, arrest, and protect the other city agencies.” Chief Anemone also talked about how the officers know the right way to go about policing in a tactical kind of way but the political aspects get in the way and order the officers to stand down.


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