BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Freddie Gray’s family has responded to the charges given to officers by the state’s attorney, Marilyn Mosby.

Marcus Washington has reaction from the family and their attorney.

Gray’s family say they are satisfied with charges against the officers. They also request the remainder of the demonstrations be done in peace.

“And if you are not coming in peace, please don’t come at all because this city needs to get back to work. The last thing Freddie would want is to see the hard-working people of Baltimore to lose their jobs and businesses because of his death,” said Richard, Gray’s stepfather.

Friday’s charges came sooner than thought, but Billy Murphy—the Gray family’s attorney—says he feels the investigation was thorough.

“From my standpoint, the charges made sense,” he said.

The charges against the officers are what Murphy calls just the beginning of a long road to justice.

“We should not rush to justice. We should not assume what the result of this prosecution should be or should not be,” said Murphy. “Because we want justice. That’s all we want.”

And questions of if a fair trial can happen in Baltimore.

“I have the utmost confidence that justice can be had in Baltimore,” said Murphy.

Many people know the process will be a long one but many say they will walk the entire way, pushing for justice.