Carl Davis is a defensive tackle out of Iowa that the Ravens selected in the third round.

Carl joined Ed and Steve to talk about being selected by the Ravens and his excitement on making it to the NFL.

Carl started off by talking about his draft day experience waiting to be picked saying “I wasn’t really expecting to be taken in the first round I knew there was a lot of talent still around…I felt like I would get taken in the top half of the 2nd round.” As for what he was feeling as the days of the draft dragged on and he was still waiting Carl said “my nerves started rattling a little bit when the 2nd round closed I was not happy, I thought my phone wasn’t working, but when I finally got that call and it was a Maryland area code I’m happy to be a Baltimore Raven.” When asked who his favorite player is Carl said “I like Suh I didn’t have a favorite player until I watched him” but Carl also said “I don’t get in trouble that’s the difference between me and him.”