Ken Singleton is a former Oriole who is now a member of the YES Network and their Yankees broadcasts.

Ken joined Ken and Steve to talk about the upcoming 4 game series between the Orioles and the Yankees and A-Rod and if he should be paid or not for his newest milestone.

Ken started off by talking about what the reaction will be like if A-Rod hits a homer tonight saying “it’s interesting because he tied Willie Mays in Boston but couldn’t pass him in Toronto so the stage is set for Yankee Stadium.” As for how the Yankees organization will treat A-Rod hitting this milestone Ken said “to this point they haven’t really acknowledged that the milestone is going to happen.” As for whether or nor A-Rod will file a grievance against the Yankees if they don’t pay Ken said “he might but he hasn’t said anything about it…he says he is staying away from all that because that is what the players association is for.”