By Rick Ritter

COLLEGE PARK, Md. (WJZ) — If you have a student at a Maryland state school, you’re going to be paying more–significantly more. Starting in the fall, there will be a hike in tuition and possibly a surcharge on top of that.

Rick Ritter spoke to College Park students and parents.

Students at public universities will see their tuition rise by at least a few hundred dollars. Depending on their major, some could pay even more.

What’s already considered costly will soon rise even more, sending tuition rates at public universities across the state up at least five percent.

“It gets really frustrating with all the books and technology,” said Daniel Chaite, UMd. student.

“It’s still somewhat concerning that the tuition keeps rising,” said Kobi Fodor, UMd. student.

Parents like Mary Kay Pappadeas are beside themselves.

“I’m not happy. It’s hard enough. Everything counts. All the dollars count,” she said.

The move comes after the Board of Regents approved the hike in fees.

At College Park, in-state students will see a five percent increase in the fall–almost $400 more.

At Towson University–a similar deal.

Over at UMBC, undergrads will see a staggering seven percent increase.

“For the kids that are already taking out tons of loans and stuff like that, I definitely feel for them,” said Tom Pullano, UMd. student.

At College Park, upperclassmen with a high demand majors like engineering, computer science or business will now pay an extra $700 a year.

Kobi Fodor is one of those business majors, saying the hike is worth the education.

“It’s understandable. And I think that end of the day, I’m going to be getting my worth for tuition,” said Fodor.

The university says the money will go right back into those programs and released a statement, saying:

“The votes represent an investment in competitive excellence as we work to become a university equal to the best in the nation.”

But parents say every extra dollar can make or break a family.

Officials at College Park say other schools in the Big Ten have the same fees.

The increases are expected to boost Maryland’s university system revenue by $50 million.

Rick Ritter


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