By Mike Schuh

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — For nearly 30 years, every spring, the people of Baltimore flocked to Druid Hill Park to buy original works of art from local artists. That event ended in the 1970s.

But Mike Schuh reports, it’s revival is getting bigger every year.

In the mid ’50s, the local artists hung their original work on the fence surrounding the lake and were open for business.

The 50s cars are gone, but the artists have returned.

“The first year we had 52 artists. Last year, we had 80 artists. And this year, we have 110,” said Barbara Shapiro, “Art Outside” founder.

Art Outside is Shapiro’s idea–and it’s working. The crowds are back.

She loves art, loves Baltimore and loves Druid Hill Park.

“I want to bring the people back to see Druid Hill Park. I want people to see how beautiful it is. Many people in Baltimore have never been here, and some haven’t been here for 40 years,” said Shapiro.

Charles Cooper is a Baltimore artist. Bold and beautiful, you are unable to ignore his vision of our city.

“It has to do with community. I live here in the city, and I’ve always been a comic book kid. And so, a lot of my influence has to do with living in the city,” Cooper said.

This is his latest work. He’ll display it, but it’s not for sale. He hopes to get other artists to make works like this to decorate the buildings burned out by the riots.

“Other artists maybe should get involved and create something like this, maybe put in front of the abandoned buildings–places like Mount Street, whatnot–kind of beautify the area until something’s done about the area,” said Cooper.

Art Outside comes at a time, the organizer says, when Baltimore desperately needs to strengthen its bond between communities.

“Whenever you can bring a community together, it makes for peace, it makes for solidarity and it makes for understanding others,” Shapiro said.

The Art Outside event runs from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. this Sunday.


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