PHILADELPHIA (WJZ)–Lawmakers raise questions on whether last week’s deadly train derailment could have been prevented.

This–as one of the victims with ties to Maryland is laid to rest.

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Amy Yensi has the latest.

Philadelphia Police Officers Tim Stephan and Richard Hoff climbed into train 188’s crushed first car.

“Going into that car was like diving into a barb wire or going into a sea of razor blades,” the officers said.

After working non-stop to remove the mangled train and fix the track, Amtrak will restore full service along the North East Corridor Monday morning.

The speeding train is causing some to question rail safety. Robert Sumwalt of the NTSB making the rounds on Sunday morning talk shows to express doubts that someone shot at the train before it derailed killing 8 people and injuring 200 others.

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“I’d like to downplay that part. I’ve seen the fracture pattern, It looks like something about the size of a grapefruit, if you will and it did not even penetrate the entire windshield,” Sumwalt said.

Brandon Bostian, the train’s engineer is said to be cooperating with the investigation, but can’t remember what happened.

The crash site lacked sensory technology that could have slowed the train down as it ran at over 100 mph.

Sumwalt says, “We believe that Positive Train Control (PTC) if installed and operational, it would have prevented this accident.”

Amtrak is not required to finish installing the controls until the end of the year, but NTSB is looking into the decision to install on some parts of the track but not others.

Three of the eight people who died in the crash have strong ties to Maryland. One of them, midshipman Justin Zemser, who was laid to rest today in New York.

Trains will once again run between Philadelphia and New York City. Amtrak service will be restored starting tomorrow morning, but allow yourself extra travel time.

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