Chad Henige is the global supply chain manager at General Motors in White Marsh, Maryland where the electric drive unit modules for the Chevrolet Spark EV were produced.

(Photo Courtesy of Chad Henige)

(Photo Courtesy of Chad Henige)

Henige, who has been with GM for about 15 years in various capacities, has a B.S. in Packaging Engineering from Michigan State University and is currently working on an M.B.A. from the University of Scranton in Operation Management.

What inspired you to get involved with business management? 

“Since childhood, I have always loved to work with others toward a common goal. In particular, I was always driven to identify possible solutions and then strive to convince my siblings, friends, or unlucky bystanders why they wanted to help me achieve that goal. These traits have been a driving force for me to pursue the field of management.”

How does your educational background relate to your current role?

“As an undergraduate, I developed fundamental skills: verbal and writing skills, analytical techniques, and general knowledge. Although not directly related to management, I have used these skills as I progressed from packaging engineer to plant supply chain manager.”

How has your education helped to further your career and contributed to your success?

“Currently, I have completed one-third of my M.B.A. program and even this exposure has provided great benefits. My business acumen has grown exponentially in areas that are a requirement as I transition into this next stage of my career, i.e. management.”

What is some advice you can offer others looking to go into business management?

“Identify companies or industry sectors that you have a passion for or deep interest in and strive to be a part of them. My interest in the automotive industry has been a positive driver throughout my career. Take your time as you progress. The time spent in each area is a gold mine of learning, don’t rush through to get to the finish line and miss the opportunities along the way. Listen, listen, and then listen some more. Your employees are your greatest attributes.”

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