Inspired by the 17th anniversary of the brawl between the Orioles and Yankees this week in 1998, we take a look back at some of the most memorable fights and dust-ups in Orioles history.

1. Armando Benítez vs. Tino Martinez 1998

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This is one of baseball’s most famous fights of all time. It was a classic bench and bullpen clearing scuffle between heated division rivals. Darryl Strawberry and Alan Mills portion of the fight was probably the highlight.

2. Mike Mussina vs. Bill Haselman 1993

Mussina plunked Haselman and the battle royal ensued. Another one of the classic dust ups that broke into several different altercations as tempers flared.

3. Manny Machado vs. Fernando Abad/Josh Donaldson 2014

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Ok this one isn’t a brawl like the other two but an interesting story line. Manny Machado and Donaldson had words in Oakland and when they came to Baltimore it seemed the bad blood continued as Abad threw at Machado and Manny let loose his bat down the third base line.

4. Kevin Gregg vs. David Ortiz Sox 2011

David Ortiz doesn’t like being pitched inside. Kevin Gregg pitched it in and then way in and Papi’s temper took over from there. They finished the at-bat with a pop up, the exchanging of words then possibly the most pathetic fight between two big guys that has ever been recorded. Ever. It’s like someone told them to fight without using their hands.

5. Big Papi vs. Dugout Phone 2013

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After watching Ortiz swing and miss in the fight with Gregg you also see him swing, miss, strike out and then finally connect while taking out his frustration on the dugout phone. Did the Orioles ever send him a bill for that?