BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The Orioles and the Maryland Food Bank team up to help a community at the heart of the city’s recent unrest.

Amy Yensi has more from the food distribution in West Baltimore.

Though the turmoil has died down, the food bank is still in emergency mode handing out extra food in the hardest hit areas.

This delivery has some special guests.

Stacks of food brought in by the truckload.

The Maryland Food Bank, some of the Orioles, their wives and local volunteers take time to give back.

“It’s a wonderful thing and I appreciate it and I know we all do,” resident Von Della said.

The food distribution at the William Pinderhughes Elementary School in West Baltimore follows the recent unrest.

“The corner stores around my neighborhood were burned down,” one person said.

Some of the shops destroyed in the riots are still out of commission.

“The recent events show how fragile the food access questions had been for many Baltimore residents,” said Meg Kimmel with the food bank.

Over the last 4 weeks the food bank has doled out an extra 200,000 pounds of food than they normally distribute as a part of their emergency drop initiative.

“Anytime you have someone hungry and in need it’s an emergency,” Angela, Buck Showalter’s wife, said.

Feeding the spirit also part of the game plan, the Oriole Bird and teammates greet excited young fans at the school.

Pitcher Miguel Gonzalez says the team is happy to help however they can.

“It’s fantastic to be around all of these people and give back,” Gonzalez said.

It’s not about the quantity of food, it’s about the quality. Organizers say the goal is to bring healthy food to a community that often goes without it.

Fresh fruits and vegetables and stable foods.

“The kids are hungry . They’re  here to help us. Let’s accept the help and appreciate it,” resident Khrystyna Kelley said.  “We really do appreciate it.”

The elementary school has a standing food pantry throughout the year. It’s one of the several across the city that the food bank says is in need of volunteers and donations.

Fans attending any of the Orioles games June 12-14 are encouraged to bring a non-perishable food item and cash donations to Oriole park to benefit the Maryland Food Bank.

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