John Rallo represents the epitome of Baltimore. Just like the city, John Rallo is tough as nails, gritty and resilient.

By now most of us know the man’s gripping life story. We know he was a former Pro MMA Fighter. We also all know he was Bodyguard to the Stars. But what impresses me the most about John Rallo is the fact that he is self made.

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He decided to go into business for himself along time ago, he decided to do something about the fact that Maryland didn’t allow MMA events, a lot of people talk, John Rallo talks and backs it up. He is unapologetic, bold, and has a larger than life personality.

Not only did I want to know about his company Shogun Fights, but I also wanted to talk to him about his Ground Control MMA Training Facilities all over the area.

The UFC is currently going through a ground breaking anti-doping revolution; John had a controversial take on that as well as the fall of Jon Jones, and predicting the upcoming Jose Aldo vs Conor McGregor fight.

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If you love MMA this is the podcast for you.


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