By Rick Ritter

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Demanding answers. Baltimore’s FOP launches an investigation into officer deployments during the Freddie Gray riots. This — after dozens are injured.

Rick Ritter has more on what they’re hoping to uncover in the investigation.

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Some 160 officers and scores of firefighters were injured during the Freddie Gray riots.

Right now, FOP is staying tight lipped, but it’s clear they want to know if a stand down order was issued and if officers had proper riot gear.

Images rocking the entire country–Baltimore City officers in the midst of war zone-like scenes. A stretch of riots following the arrest and death of Freddie Gray leaves dozens of officers injured.

“If there’s one officer hurt, that’s too great, obviously. And the firefighters–I’m not even sure what their numbers are,” said Lt. Gene Ryan, President, FOP Lodge 3.

Now FOP demands answers about those deployed to the front line during the mayhem in April.

An after action review calls for access to all departmental communication tapes and command staff texts and emails with City Hall executives.

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“We urge City Hall to immediately release this information to the public,” Lt. Ryan said.

Hoping to better prepare for future chaos.

“The release will resolve questions about what was ordered and what wasn’t ordered during the riots,” said Ryan.

FOP says they requested this information from police and city executives on May 29, but they never heard back.

Ritter: “Members deployed to front line during that time, what have they said to you about what transpired?”

Lt. Ryan: “I’d rather wait until our report is complete. There were some things that need improvement, I will say that.”

FOP vowing to get to the bottom of whatever mistakes were made.

FOP says they’re hopeful this information will be released as soon as possible.

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FOP says once their investigation is complete, they will release their findings to the public.

Rick Ritter