The 2015 NBA Finals will feature NBA MVP Stephen Curry and the Golden State Warriors versus LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. This series is shaping up to be on of the all-time greats. Here’s why:

1. Finnesse Vs. Power – The Cavs power game is the only chance they have in this Finals. This is a classic match up of offense vs. defense, with the X-Factor of course being LeBron. Ironically even LeBrons’ game is based on power over finesse. The Warriors offensively can become immortal in NBA history with a win in these Finals. Frankly their up tempo, guard centric style is the new NBA in which we live.

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2. Dynamic Duo – With the injury to Kevin Love this officially becomes the Lebron James and Kyrie Irving show. On the other side of the court you have the best backcourt in the league with Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson. Obviously with Kyrie Irving dealing with injuries you would have to give the advantage to The Warriors, however, if Irving is able to score effectively, his team is good enough defensively to potentially neutralize the Splash Brothers.

3. Passing The Torch Vs. Continued Dominance – Stephen Curry is the current MVP of the league. LeBron James has won the coveted award four times. Several years ago, Derrick Rose won the award and many wondered if he was taking over LeBrons position as the best in the game. Obviously, that never came to fruition due to injuries. Lebron is a bit older now and injuries don’t appear to be an issue with Stephen Curry. Stay tuned.

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The Crowd for both teams will play a pivotal role. Currently the Warriors have the most ruckus fans in the NBA. They also have home court advantage during these Finals. However, Cleveland hasn’t won a Championship in any sports since 1964. Can you imagine that crowd having a chance to close out the Warriors in a Game Six scenario? I would have to say advantage Cleveland.


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Injuries will be to much to overcome for the Cavs this year, I like Golden State in 7 games. However, both of these days could morph into modern day dynasties and see a bunch of each other over the next 5 years in the NBA Finals. Round one however will go to the Warriors.