BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The National Aquarium released their 150th animal rescue, a seal named Lily, back into the wild this morning.

Over 550 people came to see the Animal Health team release Lily at Assateague State Park in Worcester County.

Lily came to the National Aquarium with a broken jaw during Easter.

Since then, the team has worked to monitor Lily’s progress and help her prepare to live in her natural habitat again. She ate a diet of herring and capelin and practiced the foraging activities set up by the team.

Within the seal’s seven weeks at the National Aquarium, she has shown many signs of improvement. Her jaw is healed, she has gained a healthy twelve pounds, and she has improved her foraging and hunting skills.

In addition to seals like Lily, the National Aquarium’s Animal Rescue Program works to rescue sea turtles and other marine mammals on the Delmarva Peninsula, especially along the Maryland coast.


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